I Want to Believe, but . . . A Navigator for Doubters

I Want to Believe, but . . . A Navigator for Doubters
ISBN: 0872432483

ISBN-13: 9780872432482

Here a former staffer of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Daily News poses and answers more than 80 of the toughest questions that have troubled those who want to believe but have been put off by the smug certainties of fundamentalists or the weary cynicism of secularists. I want to believe. I want to be a good person. But sometimes I just can't believe all those doctrines the theologians and the church leaders throw at us. Maybe those Christian traditions served a purpose once, but surely not in today's world. If these feelings fit you (or someone you love), then you need this book. (240 pages)

Isn't the Jesus story just a myth? Did Jesus really perform all those miracles?

Isn't the Resurrection just an illusion?

Why didn't Jesus tell us everything straight out?

Why does God allow evil?

If God knows everything in advance, what good does prayer do?

And many more. The questions probe to the roots of our honest doubts. The answers build faith. Use them for quiet meditation or for lively group discussions. They will help you believe.

Boyd Wright has spent a lifetime in journalism having been on the staffs of the Wall Street Journal, the New York World-Telegram & Sun and Women's Wear Daily (where he helped found the highly successful slick magazine W). He later joined the New York Daily News and pleads guilty to have written a number of their notorious page-one headlines. He is also the author of two journalism style books.


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