Death Rehearsal

Death Rehearsal
ISBN: 0872432157

ISBN-13: 9780872432154

A Practical Guide for Preparing for the Inevitable -- This is a book unlike any other on the market. It is not about grieving or coping. It is the result of an experienced newspaperman's research which presents an unbiased and unsubsidized guide to dealing with a death. "This book," he says, "is about dealing with death as a job of work, about those things which must be done in the event that someone close to you dies -- an event that is bound to happen to virtually all of us, probably more than once." A death -- sudden or not -- presents us with immediate problems and choices which must be solved and made at a time we are most vulnerable and unprepared. This book tells us exactly what to do -- from the first news of the emergency, through the funeral arrangements and the weeks after the funeral. It has charts and tables, advice about funeral homes and funeral directors, federal and state laws applicable to funeral arrangements, caskets, organ donation, embalming, cremation, cemeteries, legal documents required, obituary notices, wills and memorial societies. It is altogether a practical step-by-step guide which will be of immense help when help is most needed. Its suggestions may even save the careful reader one hundred times the cost of the book.


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Pokorski, Doug
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