Confessions of a Catholic Worker

Confessions of a Catholic Worker
ISBN: 0872432246

ISBN-13: 9780872432246

Tough, tender, funny, inspiring and revealing, these true-life experiences, stories and reflections on day-to-day life in a midwestern Catholic Worker House make fascinating reading while providing a first-hand encounter with people who dare to live the Gospel literally in today's hard-nosed world. The author is a young Notre Dame graduate who worked as a bartender, as a teacher in a little school in British Columbia, a janitor in a Holiday Inn and as a clerk in a bookstore before joining the ranks of the Catholic Workers. "I've been here a little more than a year," he writes, "and I have no idea how much longer I'll stay -- I may be gone when you read this. I was raised in a Catholic family and a happy one. We were brought up to believe that it is much better to be in the Church than out of the Church. For me, and for most other people in it, the Catholic Worker Movement or at least the practice of hospitality, is the best way to experience the presence of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ at work and play in the world. Goofy experiments with liturgy, boring debates of bishops, we will always have with us, but we also have the Gospels, seven sacraments, the lives of the saints and a rich tradition. The practice of hospitality is generated by, and brings us closer to all of them. We here are probably the same sorts of Catholic Workers as we are Catholics: sporadically good, sometimes cynical and bad, often indifferent." Mike Garvey makes it sound quite easy and routine but as you join him, his co-workers and the colorful, difficult, often impossible and demanding cast of real-life characters whom they serve, it quickly becomes apparent that being a contemporary literalist about the Gospels is tough, challenging, exasperating, impractical, and sometimes funny, often tragic -- anything but easy.

"Here's Christianity brought down to street level where it originated. You can almost believe that the apostles used the same rough and salty language as they fed the multitudes. Altogether a wild ride and a brilliant read." (The Times)


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Garvey, Michael O.
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