Humble and Awake: Coping with Our Comatose Culture

Humble and Awake: Coping with Our Comatose Culture
ISBN: 0872432653

ISBN-13: 9780872432659

In Humble and Awake, Thomas Casey presents the overlooked virtue of humility as a cure to the coma that grips our culture. The examples of the coma are everywhere, from the brutality of our time through the ruining of our environment to our cultural embrace of the seven deadly sins. We are misled, asleep, unaware of our true condition, self-deceived. A radical reassessment is needed, and humility alone can awaken us. Casey draws on diverse sources—literature, film, philosophy, popular culture—to offer a readable and challenging, frequently moving, meditation on where we really are and what we need to do to awaken.

“Humility is of the utmost importance for a comatose culture. First of all, it takes humility to recognize that we are in a quagmire; secondly, it takes humility to realize that we only sink deeper into quicksand the more we try to get out through our own unaided efforts. The only way to rise from the morass is by accepting help. Being humble means recognizing that we cannot do it on our own, but we can do everything with God's help.”

Thomas Casey is an Irish Jesuit priest and professor of philosophy at the Gregorian University in Rome. Before his current assignment he lectured in philosophy in Dublin and served as a chaplain to university students. Through his ministry with young people he developed an interest in some of the key issues addressed here—spirituality and culture.


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Casey, Thomas G.
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