Judaism for the Non-Jew

Judaism for the Non-Jew
ISBN: 0872432610

ISBN-13: 9780872432611

Christians and Jews share in the heritage of the Hebrew Scriptures. Those outside the Jewish community, however, may be less aware of the rest of Judaism—its 4000 year history, its beliefs and values, the synagogue liturgy and the way that Sabbaths, holidays and life cycle events are observed by practicing Jews. Judaism for the Non-Jew provides an insightful overview of all this, in addition to chapters that cover Jewish dietary laws, the Jewish perspective on the role and status of women, modern medical ethics and the differences that distinguish Judaism from other monotheistic faiths. (224 pages)

Barry A. Marks serves as rabbi of Temple Israel in Springfield, Illinois, where he is active in civic and Jewish community affairs.


"Being a faithful Jew involves not only adherence to a set of beliefs and values, but also fidelity to a way of life. Furthermore, a sense of peoplehood is a key component of contemporary Jewish identity. Scripture refers to the Israelites as a people; and Jews today, wherever they live, feel linked to other Jews by the bonds of a common history and a shared destiny."


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Marks, Barry A.
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